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SUPP-D: 1-3 scoops of this delicious fruit punch flavored powder 30 minutes before your workout will have the whole gym envying your intensity, focus, pumps, and aggression! SUPP-D is specially formulated to help you take your athletic performance to the next level! Our formula is designed to enhance blood flow, improve nutrient partitioning, give you insane pumps, put your energy levels through the roof, improve muscle function and recovery, and enhance focus and brain functioning all while working out! Our "Energy Complex" will give you the fuel needed to push through any grueling workout. This specially formulated array of ingredients will have the whole gym envying your intensity and have your training partner struggling to get you out of the gym. On top of giving you the intensity needed to crush any workout, we felt it was most important to supply your body with the necessary ingredients that it needs to prevent muscle breakdown, make gains, and recover. This is why we incorporated our "Muscle Building Complex" into our formula. We have the newest, highest bio available compounds on the market today incorporated in our formula. Our product will deliver you a hefty dose of Arginine and Agmatine Sulphate which will drive nitric oxide into the muscles. This will widen your blood vessels, allowing your body to send a large amount of nutritional ingredients and give you massive pumps!

  • Increased Explosion and Strength Gains
  • Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Activation
  • Maximal Vasodialation
  • Enhanced CNS Activation
  • Added Agmatine Sulfate for Skin Tearing Pumps!

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