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Micronized nitric oxide formula

Volumizes Muscle Cells & Improves Strength*
Micronized Arginine for Fast Absorption
Generates Increase in Muscle Power*
Triggers Physical & Mental Intensity*

Clinically Researched

Amplified N.O. Loaded(tm) - What's the 'pump' all about?

Amplified N.O. Loaded
is not yoru typical nitric oxide (N.O.) product - it intensifies your workout with faster N.O. activation, taking you above and beyond, pushing you to the next level. Scientifically engineered to include ingredients of the highest quality that, when combined, create a dynamic nitric oxide experience.

During exercise when your muscles are hard at work, blood vessels expand and nitric oxide is released, allowing blood to surge throughout your body. As blood vessels expand, more blood carrying valuable nutrients surges to the muscles, delivering more nutrients to each muscle cell. When the muscles are able to receive more nutrients quicker, that is when you see outstanding performance.
Arginine is a key ingredient in any N.O. formula, but we don't stop there. GNC's sports nutrition experts and scientific researchers have developed a formula combining arginine with additional N.O. potentiating ingredients to fuel your performance and boost your workouts!*

The Proof is in the Pump

In addition to our innovative technology, our skilled researchers incorporated clinically studied ingredients to give you the ultimate advantage. Clinically studied grape seed extract, MegaNatural(r)-BP(tm), acts as a hemodynamic endothelial modulator causing an increase in blood flow to the muscles. This grape seed extract activates nitric oxide synthase, which is the enzyme in the body that dilates blood vessels and ignites N.O. synthesis in the muscles. With an increased blood flow pumping to your muscles, more nutrients are delivered faster, and you will see increa

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