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Sugar Free (Not a reduced calorie food)
Loaded with 200 mg caffeine
Amp-Up Nitric Oxide
From the makers of Muscle Milk(tm)
Before the Explosion - Light your fuse

Each workout is a test of limits. Fast twitch helps you stretch your limits. It is designed to fuel fast twitch (type II) muscle fibers, which pack a greater capacity for muscle growth.
POISED FOR POWER - Creatine GCC(tm) helps support the body's own creatine production. Creatine is directly responsible for supplying energy to hungry muscle tissue.*
PERFORM - AMP UP - Vaso-muscular enlargement occurs when blood vessels expand. L-Arginine and L-Citrulline help drive this expansion through Nitric Oxide (NO) production. This boost is NO is the driving force behind the "PUMP".*
PERSEVERE - FEEL THE BURN - An endo-thermogenic effect occurs when muscles product more power. This surge of power primes your metabolism to help burn body fat efficiently.*

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