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Fish Oil/Flax Oil/Fatty Acids



Increase Oxygen Availability to Working Muscles The health benefits of taking Fish Oil with its Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Heart Health and Inflammation are scientifically proven. The benefits for the athlete is lesser known but is clinically proven. Fish Oil has been shown in numerous studies to increase oxygen delivered directly into muscle tissue, allowing the athlete to train more intensely. Fish Oil supplements can help you enhance performance by increasing energy, promoting muscle growth, and improving recovery. Key Benefits: ? Reduces inflammation in muscles and joints to speed recovery time. ? Maintains the health and structure for connective tissue and joints. ? Supports testosterone levels or optimal muscle development. ? Lowers blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels.

  • ? Reduces Inflammation of Muscles / Joints
  • ? Supports Heart Health
  • ? Ultra Pure Source of EPA and DHA (the good fats)

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