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25g Sustained release muscle building protein* Made with America's favorite crushed chocolate candy

GUARANTEED... The most delicious protein powder you'll ever try!

Only 5g net carbs
Contains the right optimum ratio of essential and non-essential amino acids
Loaded with glutamine and BCAA's (Branched-chain amino acids)
IGF-rich whey protein concentrate
Supports intracellular nitrogen retention levels
MCT's/EFA's for fast burning muscle energy
No aspartame, No trans fat
The Ultimate Flurry Hi-Protein Powder is designed to be used anytime throughout the day including:

Before and After Exercise:

Makes an excellent pre and post workout shake by providing fast digesting protein for immediate muscle support plus containing the perfect blend of medium and slow digesting proteins for extended amino acid delivery and recovery.
NOTE: Best results when taken 30 minutes before and after exercise.

With Meals:

Use the Ultimate Flurry Hi-Protein Powder with your meal to increase desired protein quantity.

Between Meals and Before Bed:

The Ultimate Flurry Hi-Protein Powders sustained release specialized protein blend FMS (Fast, Medium, Slow) keeps amino acid levels elevated between meals and throughout the night preventing the breakdown of muscle, so your body doesn't go into an undesirable catabolic state.*

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