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RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER is pure, unadulterated unapologetic potency. Potent, direct and extreme. Ignite every training session with the kind of power extreme users like you demand. There is absolutely nothing that can compare to the impact of RAZOR8. Stimulating action of 2 caffeine analogs, Hordenum Vulgare, Cranes Bill Extract, with Yerbe Mate Green Tea to upregulate thermogenesis and pure polymethoxylated alkaloids to dramatically extend their action in the body.

RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER contains a full 2.5 g of the most pharmaceutically pure and heavily HPLC tested, 100% fused Creatine Monohydrate that get you results in and out of the gym, BLAST POWDER features 1,854 mg blended Arginine AKG 2:1, HCL, Pyroglutamate and Ethyl Ester. Packed with 50 mg of Creatinol-D-Phosphate (COP), a pharmaceutical creation, COP has been heralded as a muscle and strength enhancing ingredient with exceptional absorption rates in muscle tissue. It buffers muscle toxin and lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue during intense workouts. COP allows you to push harder and longer.

RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER is a highly potent and ultra concentrated formulation, RAZOR8 has ABSOLUTELY NO FILLERS! Zero Sugar and Zero Maltodextrin. We made damn sure you got 80 Full 7.2 g servings. With this degree of potency, you will never need more. BLAST POWDER's simple, clean taste is easy to mix and even easier to drink.

In combination, these core compounds have a synergistic effect that you have to feel to believe. Training will never be the same.

Get the kind of POWERFUL Motivation and EXPLOSIVE Focus you need to DRIVE you through every training session.

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