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When you take a shot of this formula before, after, or even during get a major "cell rush"! Your cells are being fed with not just 1, but 2 of the most potent legal compounds available today:kre-alkalyn efx: kre-alkalyn efx is "buffered" creatine that does not convert into creatinine prior to reaching skeletal muscle tissue. The unique "buffering" agents in kre-alkalyn efx effectively mop up excess hydrogen ions and prevent them from lowering its ph. In other words, it gives this creatine the ability to resist changes in ph that it normally wouldn't have. This protects the creatine molecules during transport - delivering them intact to the bloodstream so they can reach your muscle cells with 100% potency.dextro-cyclodized beta-alanine: this compound has been proven in multiple studies to increase endurance while also buffering excess hydrogen ions. Studies aside. If you've ever used beta-alanine, you've already experienced its power to increase your overall performance and recovery. Now we've developed a "supercharged" version. Using our dextro-cyclodized technology, we've increased its ability to penetrate body tissues and reach your muscle cells intact.the result is that you crank out more reps, more weight and bounce back quicker from your own "bone-crushing" workouts. In fact, we hear the same thing over and over again from cell rush! Users: they've never felt anything like it before - this fast! All that from just one "shot" of cell rush!

  • Kre-alkalyn efx
  • Dextro-cyclodized beta-alanine
  • High quality and highly effective

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