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Premium Whey Protein Isolates plus Stacked Carbs. That’s what you’ll find in Mass Recovery. Why? Because that’s what your body craves after a workout. Arguably the best protein available, whey gives you a full-complement of amino acids, quickly and completely. Meanwhile, the simple and complex carbohydrates in the Stacked Carbs blend provide immediate and more-sustained energy. Together this time-tested duo provides exactly what’s needed for muscle recovery and glycogen replenishment. What You Need • Maximal Recovery • Energy & Glycogen Replenishment • Minimal Fat • Lean Muscle Mass What It’s Got • 35 g of Whey Protein • 60 g of Stacked Carbs • Just 0.5 g of Fat • 380 Calories

  • 35 Grams of Whey Protein Isolates
  • 60 Grams of Stacked Carbs
  • Low Fat & Sugar
  • For Post-Workout Recovery & Lean Mass Gain

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